Inspire The Future


Our mission is to get kids engaged and excited about science, technology, physics, design, and engineering by using a relatable yet outlandish tool: a high performance eye-catching car.



Supercars draw attention, get long stares, make people imagine, start people dreaming.  The goal of Inspire the Future is to drive a supercar around New England and the nation reaching communities that do not often get the chance to see and be inspired by a car like this.  Inspire the Future will connect the technology, science, design, and engineering that go into creating a magnificent supercar with the excitement of seeing, hearing, feeling, and experiencing that car in a fun, learning environment.  Our supercar will be the star of the show in events endorsing science and technology wherever an impact can be made.  In the future, we will host our own Inspire the Future Events where the technology, science, design, and engineering behind the car will be exhibited as well as that of other organization's products, projects, and presentations.  Using the head-turning abilities of the car, we will be raising money to continue inspiring people around the world in better and bigger ways for years to come.

Along with showing the car to communities around the country, we will create entertaining videos documenting our events and adventures as well as videos demonstrating technical aspects of the car.  We will have videos showing development, design, and production of all types new technologies.  We hope to talk to experts in the real world demonstrating their work in an understandable and entertaining way.  We will be able to inspire kids around the world even if they cannot see the car in real life through social media accounts, a Youtube channel, and our blog.  Our constant output of videos and posts will inspire people around the world to imagine, learn, invent, and create which will lead to a brighter, healthier, and smarter future for the world.