Green Mountain Stage Race

The Green Mountain Stage Race is one of the biggest bike races in New England with over one thousand racers pedaling about two hundred miles over four days in the Champlain Valley.  The race starts with a time trial where cyclists power against the clock and the initial positions are set.  The next day there is a circuit race over a twenty mile course of rolling hills and finishes after two to four laps.  The third day is the biggest with a ninety five mile road race over two Vermont gaps.  The final day is in downtown Burlington and it is a fifty lap race around a short, technical course with sprints throughout the race.  The final race is called the criterium and that is where header photo of this blog is from.

At the criterium there were pace cars that would drive ahead of the racers to clear the course and make sure that the rules of the race are followed.  One of the pace cars was an Audi R8 V10.  It would race around the city streets with its deep V10 growl and heart-melting, high-rev scream attracting attention and getting all the spectators to stare open-mouthed at its beautiful design.  The combination of the pace cars, the close quarters bike racing, and the incredible athletic feats of the racers made for an extremely exciting day in Burlington.

It was amazing to see and participate in such an awesome race and the car made the event much more exciting but the crashes were definitely not fun to see, or hear!