"To shape the future you need to have a vision.  To bring it to life takes a visionary." 


This video created by Bentley Motors is part of a series called Visionaries.  The series explores the concept that the future is created by people with the vision to change the world.

Dave Chihuly is a glass artist from Seattle who has a true passion for his art.  Chihuly works with teams of artists to achieve his vision of expansive, ambitious, and complex works of glass art.

Chihuly comments on the beauty of the Bentley Mulsanne and the feeling while being inside one. Bentley is one of the premiere luxury car manufacturers and it is inspiring the level of detail and perfection that is built into each of their cars just like the inspiration from seeing the bright colors, unique shapes, and innovation of Chihulies works of art.

Inspire the Future will give people the motivation and push to have their own vision and be their own visionary through videos with people like Chihuly, events where technology and craftsmanship like that of the Bentley Mulsanne will be featured, and demonstrations giving a backstage pass to visions being achieved through design, engineering, and science.