Ferrari LaFerrari

Ferrari has been on the leading edge of automotive innovation for a long time.  Enzo Ferrari once said "If you can dream it, you can do it." He then proceeded to dream very big.  His final creation before his death was the Ferrari F40 which redefined the supercar forever when it was released in the late 80s and it is still regarded as one of the greatest cars ever made.  Ferrari continued in Enzo's path after he passed away which lead to many great cars.

The latest and greatest car from Ferrari is the LaFerrari.  It is a $1.4 million hypercar with a naturally aspirated V12 engine AND an electric motor which have a combined output of 950 horsepower and 677 pound-feet of torque.  The electric motor can provide full power at any RPM so it can effectively eliminate the natural torque holes in the combustion engine.  This means that the LaFerrari is super fast and super sharpe on all corners and at all speeds.

Despite Enzo Ferrari once saying that "aerodynamics are for someone who can't build engines," the LaFerrari has state of the art fixed and active aerodynamics.  Ferrari did some interesting research about how the height of the center of gravity of a car relates to speed and handling, and basically, the result of their research is that the LaFerrari's roof is only 44 inches off the pavement.  That is very low.  These two advanced features as well as a very smart on-board computer mean that this car is very planted at speed and it has great handling characteristics.

The LaFerrari is a truly incredible work of engineering, passion, and art.

The video below shows the LaFerrari blasting around a famous track in Italy.  The track has a fair amount of traffic as is usual for a public track-day and the LaFerrari makes mincemeat out of everything including some very fast Porsche 911s.  This is a great demonstration of the marvel that is the LaFerrari as it flies past fast cars like they're standing still!

The photo above is from this link and it is a great place for more information on the LaFerrari!