The modern cars that we love today are truly amazing.  They represent the leading edge of innovation in speed, design, luxury, and efficiency.  It is easy to Oooo and Ahhh at a brand new supercar: there is a lot to love.

While a new supercar can get the heart pumping, there are a few old cars that can really vibrate the heart-strings.  Something about old cars, with their history and their status, makes them even more special.  This explains why old Ferraris and Porsches are much more valuable now than they were the day they rolled out of the factory.

One very special car that is often left out of a conversation about great classic cars is the BMW M1.  Built in the late '70s as an attempt to get into racing, the M1 is BMW's only mid-engine supercar other than the new i8.  It has great specs for its time, especially the race car version, but the design is purely timeless.

It was designed by an Italian and was developed with the help of Lamborghini.  The Italian influence is striking.  The edgy, mid-engine design is reminiscent of a Lamborghini Countach which was from the same era.  Being similar to the great Italian cars of the '70s is a complement to any car but the M1 is more than that.  It is very unique: nothing quite like it has come along since.  It is still one of the best looking cars every made.  Details like the two BMW badges on the back of the car are awesome; no manufacturer today would do such a thing.  The pop-up headlights allow a very sharp nose that gives such an ominous look to the car that it could scare a Dodge Charger Police cruiser.  There are so many design elements which make it a great pleasure to look at.  The BMW M1 has truly a classic and very special design.

The video below is a great review of the M1.  It is a pleasure to see great footage of such a special car.  Thanks to XCAR for taking the time to shoot with the M1.