Supercars on Snow and Ice

Supercars are nearly always relegated to the occasional sunny, dry day of summer with their beauty and amazing abilities cooped up in the garage for most of the year.  Supercars are meant to be driven, to be admired, and as cars get more and more advanced and modern they break down much less and loose value much more slowly, eliminating all reasons to leave these beautiful beasts in the garage.  All supercar owners should take every opportunity get the absolute most out of their car even if it means loosing some money; it is definitely worth it!

Lamborghini believes that their cars should be driven and driven hard as proved by the Lamborghini Winter Academy.  Participants in the Academy learn how to drive at high speeds and on the edge of control around a course dug into the ice and snow in the mountains of Colorado and Italy.  As you can see in the video below, the course is not smooth, the cars have very little grip, the cars have a lot of power, and the speeds are high; this is what Lamborghinis are meant to do (especially with their All Wheel Drive system).

Inspire the Future will definitely use our car to it's fullest ability.  We will drive in all kinds of weather, all kinds of roads, and we will have fun everywhere we go!  We will also go to academies such as the Lamborghini Winter Academy; many companies have similar programs so we might go to a bunch of them.  We will definitely share our experiences so stay tuned!

In the meantime check out this awesome trailer of the Lamborghini Winter Academy!