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Inspire The Future inspires the world to imagine, explore, invent, learn, and create using a supercar.



Our mission is to get kids engaged and excited about science, technology, physics, design, and engineering by using an outlandish tool, a high performance eye-catching car.  The car will be featured at events and in videos exhibiting interviews with experts, factory tours, demonstrations, and other incredibly innovative inventions. 


Vroooommm!  A bright blue supercar glides past with the V10 engine growling and the sun gleaming off it’s stunning design.  It is long and low, it seems to skim right above the asphalt.  It accelerates with a roar, the heart beats faster and the mouth is open in awe.  Faster than anything around, it speeds away leaving an impression of dominance and heroism.  How?

Inspire the Future brings light to this wonderment.

Supercars draw attention, get long stares, make people imagine, start people dreaming.  


Inspire the Future will give people an inside look at technology through demonstrations and allowing people to experience incredible supercar technology up close and personal increasing how much kids can ‘write’ technology as well as ‘read’ it.


The goal of Inspire the Future is to drive a supercar around New England and the nation reaching communities that do not often get the chance to see and be inspired by a car like this.  Inspire the Future will connect the technology, science, design, and engineering that go into creating a magnificent supercar with the excitement of seeing, hearing, feeling, and experiencing that car in a fun, learning environment.  Our supercar will be the star of the show in events endorsing science and technology wherever an impact can be made.  In the future, we will host our own Inspire the Future Events where the technology, science, design, and engineering behind the car will be exhibited as well as that of other organizations' products, projects, and presentations.  Using the head-turning abilities of the car, we will generate support to continue inspiring people in better and bigger ways for years to come.



Creation, imagination, and learning is a focus of Inspire the Future.  Kids will be shown that being excited about something like a supercar or remote-controlled steamboats is awesome.


To get started, we need funding to buy a high performance car and camera equipment to start spreading our mission. Please visit our Kickstarter page to see our progress and donate.


Along with showing the car to communities around the country, we will create entertaining videos documenting our events and adventures as well as videos demonstrating technical aspects of the car.  We will have videos showing development, design, and production of all types new technologies.  We will to talk to experts in the real world demonstrating their work in an understandable and entertaining way.  We will be able to inspire kids around the world even if they cannot see the car in real life through social media accounts, a Youtube channel, and our blog.  Our constant output of videos and posts will inspire people around the world to imagine, learn, invent, and create which will lead to a brighter, healthier, and smarter future for the world.


"Find something you're passionate about and just love. Passion is really gender-neutralizing.”
Marrisa Meyer

We want everyone to be excited about cars, technology, science, and design.  Females have an equal role running Inspire the Future as males and inspiring the girls is just as important as the boys.


One of our goals is to get girls engaged and excited about science, physics, design, and engineering just as much as the boys.  The ratio of females to males in science, math, computer science, and engineering is way too low so we are going to do everything we can to turn that around.  We will have equal representation by both sexes on our internet content and our events will have a female showing off the car and its features as often as a male.  By showing strong female role models as part of our mission we can make girls love technology, science, and engineering beyond cars.  


Now, we are appealing to all people who have been lucky enough to experience a supercar and ask them to help spread the love of cars to the future generation and inspire them the same way a supercar inspired you.  Think of that huge smile on your face when you saw that awesome car, or the feeling of the acceleration, or the sounds of the engine!  With the future of supercars uncertain with global climate change, we (current car lovers) need to instill the future scientists, engineers, politicians, and consumers with a strong love of the innovation produced through cars.

For all people reading this project who have not experienced a supercar, this is your chance!  A ride in one of these cars will put a huge smile on your face and maybe change your life.  Back our project to experience one of these amazing cars.

If there is anyone reading about this project who are not interested in cars at all, we ask that you read our mission acknowledging the fact that our car is a tool.  We can change the world by getting kids pumped about science, technology, and engineering!  Donate to our mission to help make the future of the planet brighter.


Our Story

My girlfriend Marina Porl and I were watching the Green Mountain Stage Race Criterium in Burlington, Vermont where an Audi R8 pace car was driving laps around the city course ahead of the bike racers. We watched as people stared with open mouths at the marvelous car zipping around. As we talked about the car, the specs and the design, we realized that there is a huge audience that would be receptive to a positive message accompanying the car. Since cars have always motivated me and inspired me to work hard in school, and my love of cars is a big reason why I want to be an engineer I thought that if more kids had the chance to experience one of these cars they could have a similar story to mine. Showing a car like this to kids young and old, and letting them experience it, could change the world.

An Audi R8 is featured in our video, Kickstarter page, and website since that is what motivated us to start Inspire The Future but there are many amazing cars that would do the trick and inspire people around the world.



The ‘Inspire the Future’ KickStarter project will raise money for a car that will spark the imagination and creative drive of people around the world.  



$25,000: A Subaru BRZ, used, and necessary accessories, see below

If we surpass our goal we will get a better, faster, and more technologically advanced car or even two.  We will let backers have some say in what car we get and once we have the money we can make a detailed budget and decide what car would be perfect to start Inspire The Future.

The car we choose will most likely be powered by gasoline which is not good for the environment especially the amount spewed out by a supercar.  One of our goals is that someone who sees this car will be inspired to work hard in science to concur climate change or other important world issues.  Nothing is like a big gas engine to get the heart beating and the adrenaline pumping!


A detailed budget will be released as the Kickstarter project draws to a close but here is the rough draft in equation form:

K = C + M + G + E

K = the amount raised through Kickstarter

C = the price of the car

M = the price of modifications, roughly $5000

G = the price of gear (camera and editing equipment), roughly $2000

E = the extras (insurance, gas, maintenance, other) roughly $5000

Modification funds will go to a wrap (paint protection and a custom look), a cargo box (space to carry props for events), some tasteful modifications to increase awesomeness, and possibly traveling to Germany to pick up the car and take a factory tour to start our video campaign.


Pledge Rewards 

(besides the good feeling of helping kids and being able to see the car and watch all the great videos)

Everyone who donates gets their name on the cargo box.

$1: Your name on the cargo box.

$10: 3 awesome ‘Inspire The Future’ stickers and your name on the cargo box.

$30: The official ‘Inspire The Future’ T-shirt and your name on the cargo box.

$50: A large, high quality photo of the car and your name on the cargo box.

$100: Get a ride at an ‘Inspire the Future’ event (equal time based on demand at the event) and your name on the cargo box.

$500: Drive the car at an ‘Inspire the Future’ event (equal time based on demand at the event) and your name on the cargo box.

$5,000: A day with the car (delivered to your house, within reason) and your name on the cargo box.

$10,000: A day with the car (delivered to your house, within reason), a video of your experience, and your name on the cargo box.

$20,000: A weekend with the car, your name or company name on the car, and opportunities to participate in the future of Inspire the Future.



November: Get funded!  Get a Car, get it modified, take photos, videos, make cards, create app, update website, make a calendar of events.

December:  Get $50,000 in donations, perfect the car, daily posts, regular videos, regular events, ship out rewards, holder events, ski/snow videos.

January: Get $50,000 in donations, make sure all rewards are delivered, tour factories, winter road trip.

February: Meet donation goal, inspire through the depths of winter, continue with fund raising, adventuring, and regular events.

In the future, we plan to fund our activities selling posters, shirts, hats and even rides in the car.  


Snap!  The double clutch transmission whips our heads back and we leap into the next set of mind blowing speeds.  The corner come fast like a truck aiming for a head-on collision only to be masterfully smoothed out into laughter, smiles, and amazement.  The special rubber in the tires grips perfectly, keeping us on the road while the turbo chargers spool up, ready to power all four wheels out the corner and on to the next straight.  Gaining speed and.. Snap!


Risks and Challenges

One of our challenges is getting people to connect with us.  To be successful we need people to come to our events, watch our videos, invite us to their events, work with us to be in schools, and be inspired.  By using Kickstarter, we will start off connecting with people who love cars and know how inspiring they can be and with people who love bettering the world through education and imagination.  

Another challenge is connecting with kids and teaching them on their level.  We have experience working with kids and people of all ages from volunteering in schools, coaching, and generally having a lot of fun with everyone.  We have no problem getting up in front of a crowd and talking but one-on-one is where we shine and with the car, one-on-one time with people of all ages will be awesome.

We also need to continually get enough money to keep the car running, projects happening, and videos produced.  We will push for donations as we travel and show off the car as well as selling shirts, posters, etc.  All extra funds that we have will go to expanding Inspire the Future to even more effectively carry out our mission like more cars, bigger projects with more technology, and a wider range of events.

Right from the moment you find our website or Kickstarter page and pledge you will get updates and news from us.

Excitement is very important to succeed in our mission and we have no shortage of that on our side!  We need your excitement to succeed as well so get excited about something, anything, and let us know on twitter (@inspire_future) or through our Contact Us page.  



Everything Helps

Even the smallest donations help us get to our goal!  If you cannot donate but still want to see us inspire the future, please share this site, the Kickstarter campaign, or our Twitter profile to spread the word!

Thanks for all your help and donations!

-Craig Calhoun, Marina Porl, and the Inspire The Future Team



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